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occupational Health and Safety
Health and Safety Policy

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Every small business or independent contractor wants to make sure that they and their team are safe, competent, and competitive – that’s why being compliant with the health and safety law is so vital. So tell us – do you want:

Competent and safe workers result in safety in the workplace – it’s that simple. ConstructSafe is a standard scheme required for every worker and contractor working on commercial building sites. Investing time and money into training your workers means peace of mind for everyone on site.

  • Proactive training to give your workers the best chance of success for their ConstructSafe health and safety assessment.
  • Reactive training to provide additional support to the workers who weren’t successful on their first ConstructSafe assessment.

ConstructSafe accredited Mobile ConstructSafe Testing Centre

  • Let our expertise become your competitive advantage. Get in ahead of the crowd and make sure you and your team are ConstructSafe certified now.
  • We’re with you every step of the way, until your health and safety system is the bedrock of your company culture.
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