Top 5 Reasons to have your Workers ConstructSafe Assessed.

Are your Workers ConstructSafe assessed?

ConstructSafe testing is a very new Scheme that has been established by the Constructions Safety Council and is being led by the Industry. This includes parties such as Worksafe, ACC, NZTA, IPENZ, Civil Contractors New Zealand, the Specialist Trade Contractors Federation, Certified Builders, Master Electricians, NZ Institute of Architects Inc and Master Builders.

Its sole aim is to raise the bar on health and safety competence in the New Zealand construction industry; establishing a minimum standard.

In 2017, it is highly probable that ConstructSafe will become the default standard for workers to get access to most medium/large scale construction work sites. It has already become a Principal’s requirement with NZTA and is being closely followed by other large procurers of construction services, such Local Government Organisations and DHB’s.

So, why should you get your workers ConstructSafe Assessed?

  1. It’s NOT“just another training course” – The ConstructSafe Scheme doesn’t require attendance at a formal training course. All the information, it is assessing, is freely available from a range of sources. Previous experience plays a big part in developing “competency”.
  2. It’s ‘transferable’ – As more and more Clients and Contractors adopt the scheme, transferring between sites and contracts becomes less time consuming, as the basic requirement of site induction becomes simplified.
  3. It addresses the BIG things – The areas that are assessed and that participants are expected to understand, are those that have been demonstrated to have caused the most severe injuries to workers, with the greatest frequency. No more worrying about paper-cuts!
  4. It provides as “Standard” for your workers to meet. If your workers can show they ‘know it’ you can sleep better at night, knowing you’ve established a baseline and have something tangible to manage against
  5. You may miss out on work, without it – With the rapid uptake by Clients and Principal Contractors, of the scheme, and them making it a minimum requirement for handing out work you may find yourself with an ever-increasing market and fewer options for new work.

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